Latvian Taxpayers Rights Association

We will promote taxpayers' rights and legitimate interests, and,
promote the fair application of the laws and regulations governing taxation.


The association ‘’Latvian Tax Payers’ Rights Asociation’’ (‘’Latvijas nodokļu maksātāju tiesību asociācija’’ or NMTA) is a voluntary, self-sustaining, independent and non-political members union, whose main goal is to make sure that the rights and interests of tax-payers are respected and protected.
NMTA was founded in 2008 by professionals from the fields of tax, finance and law as well as entrepreneurs. Currently any physical or legal person can become a member of the association by filling out and sending the application form (see section: How to Join).
NMTA operates according to the law issued by the Republic of Latvia on ‘’About Associations and Foundations’’ and the articles of the association (see section: Join us).
NMTA is a member of the European Taxpayers Association of Europe.
Taxpayers Association of Europe

Goals of the association

- Promote the recognition and respect of the rights and legal interests of Latvian tax payers.
- Promote a fair adaption of the tax regulating normative acts.
- Promote finance and tax related education in the society.
- Provide constructive collaboration among the society and state institutions.
- Stimulate improvements in the normative environment and the implementation of tax payers’ obligations.
- Create and give advice for the projects of new and updated normative acts.
- Involve the society in the promotion and defense of their financial and tax rights.

Join us

Any capacitated civil and legal person can become the member of Latvian Tax Payers’ Rights Asociation (NMTA) by submitting a written application.
The decision about the admission is made by the board of NMTA, which consider the application during the first board meeting after receiving the application, but no longer than two weeks after the submission of all necessary forms and documents.

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Association “Latvijas nodokļu maksātāju tiesību asociācija” (‘’Latvian Tax Payers’ Rights Asociation’’- Eng.)

Registration number: 40008127201

Address: Gertrudes Street 20-6a, Rīga, LV-1011

Tel. nr. +371 27889988

IBAN: LV29UNLA005001250421

Name of the Bank, BIC: AS SEB Banka, UNLALV2X

Contact Person: the chairman of the board, Ms. Dana Muceniece

E-mail address: 

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