The rights and responsibilities of members

Members have the following rights:

  • participate in the administration of NMTA;
  • receive information about the actions of NMTA, as well as view protocols from the meetings, decisions, resolutions and instructions of NMTA institutions;
  • participate in all events hosted and organized by the NMTA, propose suggestions on the operation and actions of NMTA, defend one’s opinion;
  • participate in the NMTA board and revision institution elections, as well as become elected according to the articles of NMTA;
  • submit suggestions and proposals to NMTA administrative institutions, which are obliged to consider these proposals.


Responsibilities of members:

  • abide the articles of NMTA and the decisions made by the board and during the meetings of the association;
  • pay the membership fee regularly and according to the rules;
  • support the goals and tasks of NMTA by active participation;
  • attend the members’ meetings;
  • remain confidential, when revealing information can be harmful to the interests of NMTA.

Obligations can be set with a decision of the NMTA Members Assembly or the board. When obligations that are different from the regular member’s obligations are set to a particular member, a written consent of this member is required.